Only at my job

Man: Excuse me do you have any work I could do in exchange for some coffee or food.

Me: No, I’m sorry I’m not allowed to do that.

Man: Thank you. Do you have any writings to submit to my magazine.

Me: No. Um… not at this time. Sorry.

Man: Thank you. (flashes me the “Live long and prosper” sign. Walks out the door, talking to himself but I can hear, “I love rap music forever,” and continues to show me the “Live long and prosper” sign all the way past the big windows and out of sight.)

Really glad I don’t work for you.

This guy came in again today. Same exact guy.

He looks at our poster advertising a box of take-out coffee for $14.00.

Him: (snorts) Fourteen dollars? For eight cups of coffee? That’s horrible.

Me: (vague smile) Yeah…

Him: I mean, it’s almost as bad as the mark-up on iced tea.

Me: (explanatory) Well, that price includes the cups and the special carrying box, and cream and sugar and lids and everything…

Him: (snorts again) Because sweet-n-low is so expensive.


Rude, rude, rude. I’m seriously considering asking him not to come back.