Really glad I don’t work for you.

This guy came in again today. Same exact guy.

He looks at our poster advertising a box of take-out coffee for $14.00.

Him: (snorts) Fourteen dollars? For eight cups of coffee? That’s horrible.

Me: (vague smile) Yeah…

Him: I mean, it’s almost as bad as the mark-up on iced tea.

Me: (explanatory) Well, that price includes the cups and the special carrying box, and cream and sugar and lids and everything…

Him: (snorts again) Because sweet-n-low is so expensive.


Rude, rude, rude. I’m seriously considering asking him not to come back.


6 thoughts on “Really glad I don’t work for you.

  1. OMG…why does him come in if he’s just going to be snotty? It’s your shop right??? Next time smile at his rude self and say: Are you always so pleasant before your morning coffee? Because I really enjoy your quick wit and endearing comments first thing in the morning.
    Then turn and walk away 🙂

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