Sticky Situation

(This particular incident happened to a different barista that I work with. But he wanted it on the blog. I maintain my promise that this really happened. Really. Here goes…)

A woman “cleaned” her table with simple syrup.

For those of you who don’t know, simple syrup is sugar water.

Let’s just be glad she didn’t “clean” all of the tables.


Angels among us

Not everything at my job is silly or outrageous (or horrible or insulting). Sometimes stuff like this happens:

An old, scruffy, toothless man shuffles in. He leans on the counter.

“I’d like a small coffee. Plain.” He holds up a warning finger. “Reg’lar. Just Reg’lar.”

“No problem,” I say, smiling. “That’ll be one sixty-six.”

To be honest, I’m expecting a little backlash. Most of my elderly customers do not like paying more than a dollar for a small coffee. Especially ones without dentures or a clean coat.

He says nothing.

After topping it off and securing the lid, I plunk the cup on the counter. He hands me two crumpled dollars, pulls out a third, and says, “You keep it. You keep the change.”

It was a hard day, folks.

I almost started crying.

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Woman: Excuse me, what’s the difference between your flavors of chai lattes?

Me: Um, the spiced chai is just regular chai. The vanilla chai tastes more like… vanilla… The other ones taste like… like what they’re called.

Woman: So…?

Me: The raspberry chai tastes like raspberry and the green tea chai tastes like green tea.

Woman: So what does the green tea chai taste like?

Me: Green… tea…

It went on a while longer. *le sigh*

The whole thing reminded me of this conversation. 🙂