Bouncing off the Romper Room walls

Teen girl walks in with a four-year-old girl. 

Teen: How much is a small coffee?

Me: $1.66

Teen: (Digs in purse. Stops. Looks at me.) Do you think it would be a good idea for her? (points at little girl)

Me: No. She probably won’t like it…

Teen: Oh, she likes it. My grandma gives it to her.

Me: Well are you baby sitting today?

Teen: Yeah.

Me: Then you don’t want to give her coffee.

Glad I don’t work for you

Businessman wearing a suit walks in. He orders a cappuccino. I am making it…

Man: (staring at a shelf that contains eight jars of biscotti, six bags of three different kinds of coffee, and twelve boxes of four varieties of snack mix) What’s that?

Me: …the biscotti?

Man: (sarcastically) Oh, is that what it’s called? What is it?

Me: Sorry, I didn’t know what you were looking at. There’s a lot on that shelf.

Man: (points at coffee) Coffee. (points at snack mix) Trail mix. (points at biscotti) What is that?

Me: Sorry. It’s… Italian. It’s like a hard cookie. For dunking in coffee or tea or wine. It’s really good.

Man: It’s probably not a big seller.

“Sorry, you’ll have to use the men’s room…”

People are always locking the bathroom key inside the bathroom. We try to curb this problem by attaching the keys to foot-long metal rulers, but it still happens about once per day. It is not a blog-worthy occurrence.

Today, however, somebody took the bathroom key home. Ruler and all.

That, my friends, deserves a blog post. 🙂

(Don’t worry, she brought it back.)