Bouncing off the Romper Room walls

Teen girl walks in with a four-year-old girl. 

Teen: How much is a small coffee?

Me: $1.66

Teen: (Digs in purse. Stops. Looks at me.) Do you think it would be a good idea for her? (points at little girl)

Me: No. She probably won’t like it…

Teen: Oh, she likes it. My grandma gives it to her.

Me: Well are you baby sitting today?

Teen: Yeah.

Me: Then you don’t want to give her coffee.

Glad I don’t work for you

Businessman wearing a suit walks in. He orders a cappuccino. I am making it…

Man: (staring at a shelf that contains eight jars of biscotti, six bags of three different kinds of coffee, and twelve boxes of four varieties of snack mix) What’s that?

Me: …the biscotti?

Man: (sarcastically) Oh, is that what it’s called? What is it?

Me: Sorry, I didn’t know what you were looking at. There’s a lot on that shelf.

Man: (points at coffee) Coffee. (points at snack mix) Trail mix. (points at biscotti) What is that?

Me: Sorry. It’s… Italian. It’s like a hard cookie. For dunking in coffee or tea or wine. It’s really good.

Man: It’s probably not a big seller.