The end of the world…

The window washer came in way early, before the store got crowded. We started talking:

Him: I just have an addictive personality. I was on drugs for a long time,  you know? But now I’m clean.

Me:  That’s great.

Him: Yeah, and then it was gambling… since I was clean I got this job and I didn’t know what to do with all the money I was getting so I just went to the casino. It was stupid.

Me: Yeah.

Him: So I quit gambling.

Me: Good!

Him: Now I’m really addicted to end-times prophecies. Like, doomsday stuff. You think zombies don’t exist? Wait until some cataclysmic event happens and those junkies haven’t had a fix in a few days. I’ve got a 3-bedroom apartment. One for me, one for canned food, and one for ammo.

Me: Yeah! Yeah… I mean… you’ve gotta be ready.