For your New Year’s resolution

Here’s how to cut calories/money at the coffee shop.

The best way to cut calories (and cost!) on a latte is to order (1) a size down from what you usually get and (2) skim milk. Just doing that will save way over 100 calories. Ordering sugar-free will take off about another 100 (but in my mind it isn’t worth it). (Also, I can taste the difference between 2% and skim, but most people can’t.) A smaller size is also about 50 cents cheaper. Not a huge difference, but big enough!

If you can, though, coffee (even with sugar and whole milk) is waaaaay cheaper and has waaaay fewer calories. It will seriously save you about 250-300 calories. And the cost of coffee is about 1/2 the cost of lattes.

What I like to do: Order a flavored coffee. That way I still get my “treat” (and yes, coffee is still a treat for me) but it’s so much cheaper and lighter.

Lastly, don’t get anything baked. Just don’t. Our muffins are 400+ calories, and they’re not even huge muffins. Our scones are 500+ calories. Pound cake is 300+. Just don’t do it. Make your own stuff at home.