Day Ruiner

Young woman in jogging clothes comes in.

Her: I’ll have a…. a…. oh hm. (looks at seasonal menu) No! (pauses) I’ll have a medium Americano with sugar-free vanilla.

Me: Ok. (starts making it)

Her: …and soy.

Me: (stops making it. Babbles.) I’m sorry. We ran out of soy milk. It comes in today at noon. I know that’s not helpful right now…

Her: (closes her eyes, leans against the counter. Totally serious) Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! That ruins my WHOLE DAY!

Me: …I’m sorry…

Her: (eyes pop open. Tone bumps up about two octaves) It’s ok!

Me: (quite confused and a little weirded out. Proceeds to make drink. Hands it off) Have a good day! (remembers, too late, that I already ruined it)


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